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Project Galleries – Food & Beverage

Food Processing Line

Client: Arnott’s

Value: $37M

Project Details: New production line and all ancillary equipment.

Services Provided: GRG were involved in all stages of the project including capital cost estimating, project scheduling, detailed engineering design and drafting, tendering and procurement, project management.

Packaging and Weighing Equipment

Client: The Smith’s Snackfood Company

Value: $5M

Project Details: GRG was involved in all stages of the project including capital cost estimating, capital submission, project scheduling, detailed engineering designs of platform modifications, tendering and procurement, project management including managing the project within budget, installation, commissioning, extensive product trials and testing and project closures.

Water Treatment Plant

Client: The Smith’s Snackfood Company

Value: $12M

Project Details: Tertiary water treatment facility capable of recycling 65-75% process trade waste water, saving over 200 million litres per annum.

Services Provided: GRG provided engineering design for the site integration and project management support from conception through to operation.

Food Storage and Distribution Facility

Client: PFD Food Services

Value: $13M

Project Details: 10,000m² facility including 2,500m² freezer and 2,500m² dry store.

Services Provided: GRG was involved in all stages of the project including development approval, capital cost estimating, project scheduling, detailed engineering design of technical aspects, tendering and procurement, project management, commissioning and project closure process.

Production Line Relocation

Client: Arnott's

Value: Confidential

Project Details: GRG Consulting Engineers were engaged to relocate the existing Cruskits Line. After the completion of a purpose built distribution facility, the robotic palletising area became redundant freeing up the required real-estate for the Cruskits line. The building internals were upgraded to food processing standards. An efficient schedule was necessary to minimise the downtime of the line. The decommissioning and re-installation stage was based on a 24 hour, 7 days per week program for a 4 week period. 

Services Provided: GRG was involved from the feasibility stage producing alternative layouts, project budget and schedule. Hazard Operability sessions were conducted to identify projects risks prior to the capital submission. GRG provided design, drafting and project management services for the duration of the project.

“Production resumed without compromising supply of the nationally recognised product to the market place. – GRG’s professional engineering services and onsite project management delivered a high-quality relocation on time and within budget”
Ben Roberts, Engineering Project Manager, Arnott’s Biscuits.

Roaster Project

Client: Confidential

Value: $2.7M

Project Details: New snack-food (crackers) roasting line including ovens, custom designed infeed system, seasoning system and ancillary conveyors.

Services Provided: GRG was the engineering and project management service provider in delivering all stages of the project from initial concepts investigation, through to implementation and project closure. This included layout concept drawings and line layout planning, capital cost estimating, capital submission, project planning, detailed engineering designs of access platforms, tendering and procurement, project management and coordination, 3D modelling and integration of equipment from multiple OEM suppliers into a single fully-functional process line, project scheduling, installation, commissioning, product trials and acceptance testing, and project closure.

Palletiser Line

Client: Confidential

Value: $940,000

Project Details: Installation of a complete robotic carton palletiser line, including carton transfer and conveying, automatic palletising, pallet conveying and stretch-wrapping. The palletiser system receives cartons from 3 separate lines simultaneously and palletises in one central cell, streamlining the entire process and removing multiple manual-handling operations.

Services Provided: GRG were responsible for coordinating all stages of the project including the production of specification documents; Capex submission; management of the tendering process; drafting and design to integrate the OEM palletiser system with the existing packaging lines; risk and safety management in collaboration with the client’s personnel; coordination and supervision of installation and commissioning; and project cost management. The project was successfully delivered on-time and within budget.


Site Shutdown and Relocation

Client: Confidential

Value: $1,600,000

Project Details: A multinational Client engaged GRG Consulting Engineers to undertake a facility shutdown and relocate a large portion of the manufacturing equipment to an interstate sister site.  

The project required the decommissioning, removal, interstate relocation, installation and recommissioning of the primary production line to be completed inside a 10 day window with building strip out and make good to be completed within 8 weeks from date of closure.

Services Provided: GRG was directly involved with capital expenditure forecasting, scoping, layout development, building reconfiguration, structural design and recertification, system integration and full building make good works across both sites.

Collaboration between the GRG Sydney office and the GRG Melbourne office allowed efficient project handling across the two states with no requirement for interstate travel. GRG Project management systems are integrated across all offices and standardised documentation systems allowed rapid, cost efficient project handover between Engineers. 


Macadamias Receivals Area Upgrade

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: GRG was engaged to provide design and project management for an upgrade to the Receivals Area for nut-in-shell macadamias at an existing world-class macadamia processing facility. The design brief was to significantly increase the throughput capacity of the existing Receivals system while maintaining simplicity of operation and minimising implementation cost. By eliminating bottlenecks and increasing equipment size and layout efficiency, the GRG design achieved the target design outcomes with a design throughput increase of 400%. By utilising 3D modelling of complex equipment spatial arrangements, the GRG design successfully integrated new and existing equipment, while providing the client with a comprehensive site model for use in future projects.

Services Provided: GRG completed all design, drafting and project management, from initial concept to final design. This included completing 3D surveys and modelling, developing scopes of work and tender documentation, bulk material properties testing and concept layout development, selection of equipment, contractor engagement, cost estimating and development of issue for construction detail drawings. 

Pictures: Confidential

Packaging Automation

Client: Major Snackfood Company

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Major automation of a brown field packaging hall in order to reduce manual handling/interaction of personnel within a packaging process. Project was based on productivity and required integration with SAP, Wonderware, Scada, Allen Bradley & Siemens software. Final solution consisted of: multiple automated filling stations, high density racking system furnished with aisle cranes and untethered super capacitor carts & multiple 7 axis robots mounted on rail carts. Design of the overall system was such that the only interaction with an operator is to select the various recipe combinations for the final packaging systems and the automated robotic system would then perform all product retrievals and supply in order to complete final packaged product.

Services Provided: GRG was engaged to provide Project Management services from the initial concept, scope development, design layout, equipment selection, planning, budget through to execution, commissioning and final close out of the completed project. The project duration was 5 years from initial concept to project closure. 

Pictures: Confidential

Mixer Hazardous Areas Rezoning Project 

Client: Confidential

Value: Approx. $450,000

Project Details: Review of Hazardous Area zoning and requirements. Modifications to specific areas of site for appropriate zoning and hazard control..

Services Provided: Conceptual design of alternative bulk handling methods to make a change of zoning to the Hazardous areas associated with the mixers. Zoning argument, report and negotiation with external classifier. Conceptual design elements / selection. Electrical design. Evaluation and selection of alternative diverter valves. Project manage the installation of dust collector / pneumatic conveying systems and commissioning. 

Vapour and Dust Extraction 

Client: Confidential

Value: Approx. $175,000

Project Details: Supply / Install powder dust and flavour extraction to the ingredients handling area.

Services Provided: Project manage the installation of a dust collector / ducting system and a vapour extraction system. Project management, contractor supervision and management, installation supervision, hit list development and design reviews of the explosion risks associated with the project.

Macadamia Nut Facility

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Proposed new facility for receiving, sampling, sorting and drying of macadamia nuts, direct from farm in NIS and NIH form.

Services Provided: Project management services including development of full project budget and project scope coordination. 3D modelling and site layouts for full proposed site. GRG worked closely with the client through the development and consideration of multiple options for site layout, project scope, project implementation staging and greenfield vs brownfield options. Creation of scopes of work and work packages, and coordination of multiple OEMs and vendors for work package tender management on client’s behalf. Collaboration with the client’s town planner for DA submission. (GRG prepared and provided site plans and supporting information as required.)


Asset Cataloguing

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Prepare an Asset Recovery Database for Redundant Facility

Services Provided: GRG prepared an Asset Recovery Database based on the clients finance asset list to ensure all site assets are correctly recorded and organised in parent>child>grandchild format. This enables the client to offer redundant assets for reuse or sale starting at the highest (site) level down to individual items eg. pumps. The requested deliverable was a structured and filterable asset list with identified assets photographed and linked to the database.


Conveyor Support

Client: Confidential

Value: $3,000

Project Details: Structural assessment of the components supporting a new conveyor.

Services Provided: Site visit and measurements of the existing support structure.  3D modelling and 2D drafting utilising Autodesk Inventor.  FEA modelling utilising Strand 7.  



Platform Structural Assessment 

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Structural assessment of a large existing platform, due to the addition of multiple pieces of infrastructure.

Services Provided: Site visit and measurements of the existing platform.  3D modelling utilising AutoDesk Inventor.  FEA modelling utilising Strand 7.




Dispensing Rig Relocation

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Relocate existing plant to a new location and reconfigure the installation.

Services Provided: Layout creation, project scoping, tender management and project management and commissioning. 

Pictures: Confidential


Auditing Sugar and Flour P&ID 

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Audit Sugar and Flour Process Flow Diagrams.

Services Provided: Auditing, gap identification and Layout creation.




Updating of Sugar and Flour P&ID 

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Review and Update Sugar and Flour Process Flow Diagrams.

Services Provided: Auditing, gap identification and Layout creation consolidating many years of modifications.




Hazardous Area Dust Collector Venting Project

Client: Confidential

Value: $150,000

Project Details: Select / Procure / Install Replacement IECEX Fans (4 off ) and duct outside. Reducing dust in areas and increased process safety.

Services Provided: Hazardous areas equipment selection, procurement and integration. Project management.



Hazardous Area Vacuum Cleaner Replacement

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Select / Procure / Install Replacement IECEX Vacuum Cleaner and integrate into existing system.

Services Provided: Hazardous areas selection and integration. Project management.

Arc Flash Hazard Assessment

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Using Client Single line diagram, inspect and log protection settings, test and log fault loop impedance, note and document non-compliances to AS/NZS3000 or other standards. Calculate arc flash hazard and provide advice on remediation. Produce and install signage.

Services Provided: Arc Flash Assessment, general electrical infrastructure assessment, electrical hazard reduction advice.

Electrical Services for Abattoir

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: New abattoir greenfield development in remote regional location.

Services Provided: RPEQ Electrical Design for Electrical Services, Maximum Demand, Lighting, Emergency and Emergency Exit Lighting, NCC Electrical Requirements.

650kW Solar System Install

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Client had negotiated with Solar Provider a Solar Power Purchase Agreement for a 650kW Photo Voltaic System to be installed on site. 

Services Provided: Contractor Management, Integration into power system, Advice on Solar connection and metering, interpreting and explaining electrical issues, training documentation, support for post installation investigations into voltage fluctuations.

Other Recent Food Processing Projects

  • Oil Heating, Filtration, Transfer, Measurement and Storage
  • Salt and Seasoning Equipment
  • Packaging, Weighing, Bag Makers and Conveying Equipment
  • Fryer Systems
  • Oven Systems
  • Metal Detectors, Checkweighers, X-ray, Seal Checkers, Optical Sorters
  • Control Systems
  • Platforms, Structures and Lifting Devices