Project Galleries – Commercial & Industrial

Mackay Botanical Gardens

Client: Mackay Regional Council

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Three architecturally designed buildings to showcase the regions flora from the Central Queensland Coast bioregion that surrounds the city.

Services Provided: GRG completed full structural steel workshop drawings for the three buildings.

Food Storage and Distribution Facility

Client: PFD Food Services

Value: $13M

Project Details: 10,000m² facility including 2,500m² freezer and 2,500m² dry store.

Services Provided: GRG was involved in all stages of the project including development approval, capital cost estimating, project scheduling, detailed engineering design of technical aspects, tendering and procurement, project management, commissioning and project closure process.

Fire System

Client: Confidential

Value: $3M

Project Details: Fire system for an existing food-processing facility across the whole factory including sprinklers, pipework, FIP, 0.6ML tank, pumps, valve-sets, integration & upgrade of EWIS, integration with existing automatic site-access gates, and all associated infrastructure works.

Services Provided: GRG was the project manager for the entire project from initial project investigation and scoping, tender management, capital submission, project scheduling, onsite installation coordination, project financial management, and closure. The project was sucessfully completed ahead of schedule and within budget, delivering all client stakeholder requirements.

Site Shutdown and Relocation

Client: Confidential

Value: $1,600,000

Project Details: A multinational Client engaged GRG Consulting Engineers to undertake a facility shutdown and relocate a large portion of the manufacturing equipment to an interstate sister site.

The project required the decommissioning, removal, interstate relocation, installation and recommissioning of the primary production line to be completed inside a 10 day window with building strip out and make good to be completed within 8 weeks from date of closure.
Services Provided: GRG was directly involved with capital expenditure forecasting, scoping, layout development, building reconfiguration, structural design and recertification, system integration and full building make good works across both sites.

Collaboration between the GRG Sydney office and the GRG Melbourne office allowed efficient project handling across the two states with no requirement for interstate travel. GRG Project management systems are integrated across all offices and standardised documentation systems allowed rapid, cost efficient project handover between Engineers.

Expert Witness for Electrical Incident

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: GRG was engaged by a legal firm to provide analysis and expert opinion for a legal matter relating to electrical design.

Services Provided: Analysis of forensic evidence and presentation of the evidence for legal process. Subject to legal privilege.

Arc Flash Assessment

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: GRG was engaged to conduct an Arc Flash Assessment of a major industrial (food-processing) site, produce arc flash signage, provide advice on protection settings adjustments recommended to minimise arc flash hazards, report on high hazards, and report any non-conformances to AS/NZS3000 observed during the assessment process.

Services Provided: GRG completed the full assessment process; produced single line drawings; conducted prospective fault current testing; documented non-conformances to AS/NZS3000; performed arc flash calculations; recommended changes to protection settings; recommended improvements to reduce arc flash hazards; produced and fitted signage; and assisted the customer with advice relating to PPE requirements / AS4836 requirements.

Test Equipment Relocation and Jib Crane Install

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Relocation of wire cable test equipment including jib crane.

Services Provided: This project required managing the relocation of a wire cable test machine and associated equipment. GRG was also required to design a jib crane concrete footing including an embedded steel anchoring cage. GRG also managed the installation of the jib crane and sundry equipment.

Pinion Failure Investigation

Client: Confidential

Value: Approx. $300

Project Details: GRG was engaged to provide expert opinion on the cause of a pinion failure on a John Deere Tractor.

Services Provided: Inspection of failed components and supporting information, root-cause analysis, provision of opinion of cause of failure to support warranty claim.

Ventilation Design and Certification for a Residential Underground Carpark

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Architects engaged for a luxury residential building development were required by the building surveyor to submit ventilation design details for the underground carpark. Legislation in Victoria requires the ventilation design to be by a registered “RBP” mechanical engineer.

Services Provided: GRG prepared and submitted the necessary mechanical engineering design (ventilation), drafting and certification.

Ventilation Design for Studio and Office Building

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Interior design architects engaged GRG for mechanical engineering support and design for the ventilation of an office and studio area in a repurposed building.

Services Provided: RBP VIC Mechanical engineering design, drafting and certification.

Steel Truss Inspection

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: Our client wanted to confirm if 2 existing steel roof trusses could be removed from an existing public building. GRG was engaged to undertake an inspection of the steel trusses and provide advice.

Services Provided: GRG completed a detailed onsite inspection of the steel trusses in question; conducted analysis and consideration of the subject trusses in relation to the overall roof structure; and provided a positive response.

Melbourne Museum Big Pattern Wheel Inspection

Client: UAP Company

Value: Confidential

Project Details: UAP Company in collaboration with GRG developed a unique artwork and engineering piece called the Big Pattern Wheel installed at Melbourne museum playground area in 2016-17. UAP completed the architectural and artwork aspect and GRG completed the engineering aspect. UAP is responsible for the maintenance of the system and engaged GRG for the 2019 condition inspection and maintenance review.

Services Provided: GRG completed the inspection and reported on the performance, maintenance and condition of the equipment as well as the maintenance procedures.

Retail Building - Mechanical Design

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: A construction company required a second opinion on the air conditioning system sizing for a retail shop. The builder had quotes from a/c vendors which advised the installation of large a/c units. GRG found that the a/c vendors had applied a basic floor area calculation method which led to larger than necessary a/c units being recommended. GRG investigated the building design and performance requirements and found that the building was well insulated, sealed and without windows and that the required a/c sizing was far lower than previously recommended. This allowed the builder to assess more cost-effective air-conditioning systems.

Services Provided: GRG complMechanical engineering (heat load) calculations.

60 East St - Mech Design

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: GRG’s client, a building drafter needed building design and compliance support for the location of gas, electricity meters and mailboxes in a modified building comprising a ground floor located retail business and apartments on the first floor.

Services Provided: Mechanical engineering and building compliance review and drafting.

Bench Frame Design - Load Capacity Engineering Design

Client: Confidential

Value: Confidential

Project Details: The client had developed a concept for an extendable kitchen bench and they required an engineering design check and certification for the load it could support.

Services Provided: GRG checked the concept design, identified deficiencies and recommended rectifications to achieve the load capacity required and compliance with Australian Standards and then completed detailed drafting and certification for manufacturing.